Thursday, February 8, 2018

She's Brilliant!

I am embarking on the annual agonizing drudgery known as the Tax Homework required before submitting all the scraps, questionable totals, notes and questions to the accountant (for whom, praise be). This involves NUMBERS (hardly my forte) and sums, categorizing, scraping my desk, online banking and assorted drawers for relevant elements. This usually puts me in a very bad mood in which I snap easily when interrupted.

In his demented reincarnation, from my view, Jim's sole purpose in life is to interrupt me as often as possible. So, I have taken to assigning him busy work but such must be a task in which he can bury himself sans my assistance and can't be something that will make a mess (Jim's second purpose in life).

Folding laundry is a good one but requires clean laundry. This afternoon I noticed the box of chess books Jim left out last night and, ahah! "Jim, why don't you make a list of all your chess books?" Brilliant, she's brilliant.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Celebrated our 45th anniversary yesterday in Los Angeles. Had a lovely hotel suite with hot tub. Jim had some issues so we came home early. Funny: the hotel made a typo with our cake which was inscribed as our 48th anniversary. It does sometimes feel that way.

Making celebratory dinner Saturday night: apple and walnut salad dressed with raspberry vinaigrette, roast prime rib, braised fennel parmesan, potatoes Kat, grand marnier souffle.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Watering the Cat

About the cat, that would be Mr. Maggie.

He eschews his water fountains, BOTH of them. He refuses to drink from his bowl as well. He will drink only from the faucet in only one of the bathrooms.  So he meows piteously when needing to drink, at any time of the day but most especially whilst we are asleep.

I expect we'll calm down after teaining sets in.

My Brother's Birthday

Feliz Cumpleanos, David, hermano mio.

A Saturday Update

Trying to wrap my hands around how to delineate Jim's deterioration over the last couple of months. He has fewer words yet some of the words he uses still are complex (e.g., compensate, credulity, etc.) even while he can't recall simpler words: bark, mirror, sofa, etc.

He will brook no contradiction or any hint that he is wrong or at fault. Living with severely flawed perfection is excruciating. Plus, you know, no affirmation for me. Yes, it matters, sad to say. 

Yes, whining. It helps and I cannot sound off to my fellow inmates in the Old Farts Home because they would take it amiss. Also, I am desperately hoping Jim still will be travel ready in September because I am putting together wildlife viewing (bears, orcas, birds) trip to British Columbia.

Saturday is my cook-at-home night. Hence "refrigerator" coq au vin: chicken thighs braised in red wine with onions, mushrooms, garlic, red bell pepper, potato, bacon. Plus, I get to drink the wine left over.

Anyway, onward

Friday, January 5, 2018

Best Books Read in 2017

Not necessarily published in 2017

Golden Hill: A Novel of Old New York by Francis Spufford

Improvement: A Novel by Joan Silber

Exposure by Helen Dunmore

Work Like Any Other by Virginia Reeves

The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish

Quiet Until the Thaw: A Novel by Alexandra Fuller

A Catalog of Birds by Laura Harrington

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley by Hannah Tinti

In a Lonely Place (New York Review Books) by Dorothy B. Hughes

A Legacy of Spies: A Novel by John le Carré

A Book of American Martyrs: A Novel  by Joyce Carol Oates

Germ Wars: The Politics of Microbes and America's Landscape by Melanie Armstrong

New Resolve

Resolved: To post here more often, day by every other day or so. Episodic entries.

Today, Jim at chess in the afternoon at Little House; blessed one and one-half hours of solitude for me.

Prep for dinner tomorrow: Roasted New York strip loin, fennel sautéed in chicken broth with garlic and parmesan, pearl onions braised with gruyere in cream, green salad. No dessert, we'll be well sated.

Nancy emailed to say she will be here mid-February for a five-night sleepover. Yay.

Lupus flare subsiding, feeling so much better. 

Jim and Mr. Maggie are bonding ever closer. Jim is happy to while away the hours petting him and Mr. Maggie seeks maximum cuddling.

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